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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Humor: You Know You're a Homeschooler When ...

Sarita's Word

Does something ever happen that makes you think, "Wow, I really am a homeschooler!" I'd like to share some quick stories that fellow homeschoolers have emailed to me recently. These sure made me smile (or even laugh out loud). Enjoy!

You Know You're a Homeschooler When ...
  • "Someone asks your children what grade they are in, and they try to help each other figure it out." –Mary Beth
  • "You have the math lesson timed to the dryer cycle!" –The B Family
  • "When you send your son off to college and he emails you and tells you that organic chemistry isn't that hard. [Update: He got an A in the class!]" –Sandra H
  • "Your kids are playing Simon Says with directions like 'pretend you are an oblique line segment!'" –Niki C
  • "When the conversation you are having about 6th/7th grade chemistry is so in depth that a college sophomore majoring in Engineering asks you if you have a degree!!!!! I told him yes, I have my 'M-O-M' degree. :)" –Stacey A
  • "My teenagers love talking things over with me and don't mind being seen in public with me." –Carol C
  • "You can take a picnic bench, an oatmeal container and a hula loop and turn them into an ear canal and eardrum." –Jeana R
  • "You go to get groceries and your kids bring pencil and paper so they can figure math problems as you go down each aisle." –Heather
  • "Your daughter wants to have a party and invites seven other homeschool girls to join her in working at the church Food Closet on a weekday morning." –Karen L
  • "Your daughter is filling in a blank on a questionnaire that asks, 'Where do you go to school?' and she writes, 'Under the dining room table.'" –Cindy

How about you? Do you have a good finish to the sentence "You Know You're a Homeschool When ..."?




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