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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Cost of Customizing

I never buy a pre-configured computer. I love playing with all the components to see if I can get more monster for my money. My mom would never do this. Why the difference?

I love playing with technology. My mom does not.

For me, selecting a computer is fun. It's a chore for my mom. Worse, she doesn't feel confident around technology, so the process is even stressful. Confidence makes a huge difference. That's why I don't relish modifying certain code: I have no idea what I'm doing. And I'll fiddle away hours trying to figure it out. Rarely do I not have to get help from someone else.

If you are new to homeschooling with Sonlight, the prospect of customizing your curriculum can feel overwhelming. It can take a while to become familiar with certain homeschool lingo. Your child's education is at stake and you may not be sure which program will match his or her learning style. All the options may blur together and the whole experience could end up being stressful.

That being the case, a Multi-Subject Package may be just the thing you need: All the subjects for your upcoming homeschool year in one complete package. Plus, you get the benefit of Sonlight's best discount and all the other perks we offer.

Of course, you may love customizing your homeschool experience. You enjoy mixing and matching different programs to perfectly fit your student's educational needs. Fantastic! Start with a Sonlight® Core and add subjects to that.

The cost of customizing comes down to one thing: Comfort. If you're not comfortable getting something "out of the box," select the parts you want. If you're not comfortable selecting specific components yet, start with a complete package. As you discover what works and what could be better, you'll see your confidence increase.

Not sure what program you should get? Have a few questions about the program you are customizing? Chat with a Sonlight homeschool curriculum advisor today.

Do you enjoy customizing your homeschool curriculum? If so, have you always enjoyed the process?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester


Robin E. said...

It's not so much that I enjoy customizing our homeschool curriculum, so much that I am just not comfortable NOT customizing. From the beginning my kids have been ahead in some areas and more average in others (different areas for different kids), and there was no way I could buy every subject on a single grade level because up to half of it would be wrong. I take the time to customize each year for each kid because it saves me time and money in the long run.

Kathryn said...

I don't think you had the multi-subject package when I ordered my first Core two years ago. But I used SONIA (the on-line "advisor") to walk me through the various choices, and that worked great for me. The catalog descriptions of the different math and handwriting programs helped me choose Miquon Math and A Reason for Handwriting. I really appreciated how Sonlight gave examples (for math, especially) of what kinds of kids/parents would like each one, or find each one frustrating. It certainly helped me to feel more confident in making that initial choice. Also, my son was and is a precocious reader, so it's been valuable to be able to customize the reading level each year.

This week I ordered my third Core, and by now I'm very comfortable customizing--although it isn't really "customizing" now as much as simply buying the next level in the programs that are working for us.

Yes, it was all a bit overwhelming the first year. But Sonlight organizes and explains everything so well that the learning curve did not last long. And of course the money-back guarantee helps with the confidence factor, too (although I have never had to make use of it!).

Luke Holzmann said...

Robin, that's what I was trying to express when I talked about not being comfortable getting something "out of the box" said it much better <smile>. Absolutely! That is one huge benefit of homeschooling.

Thanks for sharing, Kathryn! That is fantastic to hear <smile>.



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