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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Workspace: An Artifact of Homeschooling

Working in the Sonlight Entryway

Most of my workdays are spent in front of my computer. But if I need to read a report, look over some documentation, scribble up some ideas, or complete some non-computer-related tasks--which are admittedly few and far between--I'm likely somewhere else.

Barb, one of my coworkers, noticed me sitting in the entryway. She laughed and said, "You're totally a homeschooler. You work where you want."

I'm not convinced this is purely a homeschooler trait. But I did learn that I could work hanging upside down off the couch, sprawled on the floor, pacing in the backyard as well as sitting at a desk while homeschooled. Sure, it's a little non-traditional to find someone wandering around outside while reading a business proposal. But occasionally mixing things up is great for creative thinking and not-going-stir-crazy-ification. The right workspace can increase productivity. It can also raise morale.

The Sonlight Catalog is filled with pictures of students doing their schoolwork in trees, on walls, in boxes, on the couch, inside, outside, all around. Where does your student like to work? What's the oddest place your child has found to study?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester


Diana said...

Such a good reminder to take advantage of these nice spring days and go to the park with our schoolwork!

The Reader said...

Ours will work anywhere and everywhere. The hammock. The couch, together. Sprawled on the floor. My youngest likes to sit on the floor and use his step stool as a makeshift table. In the kitchen, right where I am.

Nothing terribly odd, though. Just the usual random places boys find.

Esther Rose said...

On top the pig sty roof...on the woodbox (outside the house).... My favorite was the day I saw all three boys on their tummies on the lawn working in workbooks (lasted 10 minutes till the wind got too strong).

se7en said...

I had never noticed the nomadic style of a homeschooler before... but how true!!! Wherever I am they will be - tangled, sprawled, whatever... getting it done!!!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Yeahhh, it doesn't work so great for public schoolers. I was taking a tour of Elf's building and they had a class hanging out in the hallway doing reports for a change of pace. There were so many kids though that it looked like a bad 60's sit-in (starring Justin Bieber T-shirts).

Lori said...

Love this! It is so true too, homeschool kids can adapt. We love to head out and do our schoolwork on a blanket, under a tree.

Some other places: under the kitchen table, top bunk, and for super-concentrated work - Mom's room.

Thanks for sharing Luke!

Luke Holzmann said...

Great stuff, friends!


Grateful for Grace said...

My kiddos favorite spot is outside. The funniest one I 'caught' my son in was on his skateboard. It made it into the... 2009 (I think) catalog. I just loved that he was reading Luther why lying on his skateboard. Just seemed hilarious.

Luke Holzmann said...

"I just loved that he was reading Luther why lying on his skateboard. Just seemed hilarious."

<laughing> Yes. Good times.



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