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Friday, August 6, 2010

Do Your Kids Beg to Start School?

Sonlight guarantees that you and your children will love learning with Sonlight. Yes: Guarantees.

And the stories--which come in over and over again--confirm that you love Sonlight. But this love extends beyond just the realm of actually homeschooling with Sonlight. In fact, it frequently bleeds into something aptly dubbed:

Box Day

I was just sent two more wonderful stories, so if you don't follow the Box Day blog, head over there now. And, while you're there, consider sending me your Box Day story. If the links on the site don't work for you, send me an email with your story and pictures/video (feel free to include links if they're already online):

Do your kids beg to start school right now?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester


Cheyanne said...

We're currently on week 3 of P4/5 with my son and pretty much every morning he asks me when we're going to do school. I love that he is so excited about learning! I even had to do a worksheet or two on the days we were going to have off because he kept asking if we were doing school and wouldn't take no for an answer!

The Hibbard Family said...

Just for the record, my girls won't let me give them a summer break. People are appalled that I make them work all summer until the girls set the record straight. "We'd go crazy!" is frequently heard from the girls' mouths. "We love school!" We just finished Core 3 this week, and they're chomping at the bits to start Core 4.

Annemarie said...

We just finished our first week of P3/4, Core 3/4, and Core 6. Yes, they were begging to start and I am so glad we did. We love Sonlight!


Michelle said...

This morning, my younger two decided they had to 'play school' since Mommy wasn't starting school yet.

My 10yo has been begging to bring up the box of books for her younger siblings. Why?

"Because I'm looking for something to read, and I know you'll let me get into that box of books, since you won't let me into the box with my books."

But when I said, "Oh, we'll be starting school next week, honey," she groaned.

Loves the books. Doesn't like the work. Sounds like me!

And yes - the Sonlight boxes are sitting on my living room floor, yet unopened. This week, I will have box day. And then my children will be buried in their school books - while groaning about starting school.

I think they get the groaning part from their public school friends. (grin)

Luke Holzmann said...

<smile> Good stuff, friends. And, yeah, I can totally get how math and the "work" side of school could be less thrilling than the wonder of great books...



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