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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4 Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

My July is dedicated to finishing MathTacular4.

Whether I meet that goal or not has yet to be seen.

The point: I'm not going to be bored this month. At least, not while here at work. But once I get home, things slow down. My brain is fried so I don't feel like doing anything. But the evening stretches on, so I have to find something to do. Sometimes the thought passes through my mind: Maybe I should just stay at Sonlight a while longer at get further on MathTacular...

Brittany wouldn't be okay with that. So, I head home, and lounge around. Sometimes, I'll admit, I feel bored. Or lethargic. Or both.

So here are four ways I plan to beat my summer boredom:

  1. Start a Project
    The "brown paper bag floor" test turned out so great we're going to do the rest of the basement area with it. That means I need to tear and crumple a ton of paper so Brittany can glue it down. Nothing like a mindless task while vegging out to a documentary, podcast or movie.
  2. Go for a Walk
    I know physical activity does not sound like fun at the end of the day. But a nice comfortable walk with someone you love can be very nice. Especially if you've been cooped up inside all day.
  3. Read
    Have a few Read-Alouds left over from one of your Sonlight programs? Now would be a great time to gather round and read. If you're not feeling up to it, get someone else in the family to do the reading. Great books are a fantastic way to spend your time together.
  4. Watch Something
    There are a many fantastic documentaries and educational videos that are well worth watching. But I don't always feel in the mood for that. So, frequently, you can catch me watching something frivolous and fun. And I'm okay with that. I also sometimes watch my wife or best friend carry out some incredible conquest in their favorite game. If you're not a gamer but have children who are, try watching over their shoulder. You may still decide that EverWorld of Halo Theft Fantasy Gears Island VII isn't for you, but I've discovered I enjoy watching skilled gamers in their element. You may also discover a new point of connection. The great part about this suggestion: It fits in nicely with #1.

What do you do for fun over the summer when you're fried at the end of the day?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

What is this "brown paper bag floor?" Is it just for the movie, or are you really doing your basement permanently in "brown paper bag?"

And YAY on the MathTacular thing. I was wondering if you'd pick that up again.

The Reader said...

Ditto Mrs. C - explain, please.

As for summer time my-brain-is-fried projects: sit outside and sip your drink of choice while the kids play. Read silently, with everyone curled up with a good book. Check out blogs : ) Watch a family movie. Play cards or a board game with your family. Pop popcorn or have some other fun treat. Turn on music and dance. Relax in the hammock. You get the idea - anything goes.

Have fun finishing MathTacular, and good for you going home at the end of the day, even though you have plenty of work to keep you at work.

Luke Holzmann said...

I really should post pictures and instructions. It's a very real project that turned out great. Now to do the hard work of getting the rest of the basement done...

I'll try to get something up soon.



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