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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twitter, Feeds and Peanut Butter

Word of the Day
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Today was a big day for me:

1. I decided to really start using Twitter.

Sure, I've had the tool for a while now. Twitter's been "all the rage" in the social media world for quite some time. And since I'm the media relations guy here at Sonlight, well, I had to at least have an account. But I'm too busy blogging to be tweeting.

But today, here near the start of 2010, I've made a change. I've long been providing Other Posts of Note for my blog visitors to peruse. But my fellow bloggers weren't getting enough link love from me. So Twitter will now tweet my Other Posts of Note under the #OPoN tag.

Which is sweet.

If you're following me on Twitter you'll also get an update when my latest post goes live. Which is redundant for all of you subscribed to my blog via RSS or email. I realize this. So to make sure you felt like you were in the loop...

2. I updated my FeedBurner feed.

You don't need to resubscribe or anything... but you certainly may. I've updated my email welcome message so it's a little more personal. I've adjusted a few settings so it better reflects this blog. Nothing major. But to the 72 subscribed through FeedBurner... this is a shout-out for you.

3. I've started work on cleaning up the FAQ section of

This is proving to be much harder than I initially thought. But I'm working diligently to make that section of the site clearer and more helpful. Unfortunately, it's rather like running through peanut butter.

Chat with Bo

Bear with me...

Not too shabby a start for the new year. What other exciting things will happen in 2010?

Follow along--via Twitter, RSS, Facebook, email or otherwise--as we find out!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father


Anonymous said...

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Kim & Dave said...

I thought your post might have some goofy "kid" story in it with a title like that!

Admitt it, Luke, you were hoping to "hook" people lkie me! :)

Luke Holzmann said...

Matt, I have yet to be convinced. I see Twitter's ability to be a useful tool, I get that it can be powerful... but I'm still not convinced. Though, this auto-tweeting of stuff could prove very useful... <smile>

Actually, this is one case where I wasn't trying to have a sneaky hook <smile>. I just like including lists of three <smile>. I'm sorry my post did not deliver what you were looking for. Hopefully I'll have something good soon! <smile>



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