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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sonlight's Homeschool Web Videos in HD!

With the advent of high definition video available online, YouTube has increased the file size limitation to 2GB per video. And that made me super excited.


Because I've created some Sonlight specific HD content that I can now share with you!

Two of the IG videos are available now on the Instructor's Guide page. The rest are coming.*

While working on preparing the IG videos for HD delivery, I revisited some of the other clips I've made. May I revel for a moment? I absolutely love my MathTacular trailers. They're not in HD, but that does not detract from the joy I get every time I watch them.

If you haven't recently experienced the MathTacular Trailers--or sample clips, for matter--you should:

I look forward to bringing you more useful product demonstrations and samples in the years to come. But for now, it's fun to be part of the high definition digital revolution.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

*I have six more videos rendering on my other computer right now. They should be ready in the next... erm... 35 hours ...or so. Definitely by Monday. <smile>


Sheri said...

Luke, thanks for stopping by my blog-I am glad you noticed that little ditty on the microscope being from Sonlight-as I put it there for you! Well others too, but yes-we love it-as it has served 2 biology students already, and now #3 with one on deck. And we even have brought it in to the HS group bio class, so they could utilize it too-great deal for an awesome microscope (and we even purchased the packet of non-smelly ish specimens too, which I still need to do for this student) thanks again Sonlight for an awesome deal and product! :0)

Luke Holzmann said...

<smile> Fantastic, Sheri! Thanks for the rave review <smile>.


Adelia Kaye said...

I hate watching your videos, Luke! They make me wish I lived in Colorado simply for the purpose of being available to be involved, lol!

Luke Holzmann said...

Good news, Heidi! You can be involved. I've blogged about it here. I'd love to see a quick clip from you talking about why you love Sonlight <smile>.



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