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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Free Sonlight Samples

Download Sonlight samples here.

That's right: You can see sample pages from Sonlight's Instructor's Guides as well as many other products. Get a feel for how Sonlight handles schedules and notes. Discover the incredible amount of information included in every one of Sonlight's teacher's manuals (what we fondly call "IGs"). Simply download a free sample from one of Sonlight's many programs.

Just posting this in the off chance you were not aware that Sonlight has .pdf samples available for download.

And thanks everyone: I'm feeling better today. Hope to be 100% tomorrow.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father


The Reader said...

This is also a great tool in choosing what level of SL to do with a child, particularly on the LA samples and such, and especially in those early years.

I love that SL makes these samples available.

Hope you & your dw are both at 100% by tomorrow and that the girls don't get the bug.

SonlightBlog Reader said...

Question: Is there anybody to talk to about the email or on the phone? I have loved Sonlight since I started with my quest of homeschooling which was 2007...I know there is suppose to be someone who will answer your questions by phone; however, I don't feel like the person ever helps me! (I've talked to this person twice! Nothing against the person...he/she just didn't help me.) I am still so lost in choosing a core! Where do I go from here?

Luke Holzmann said...

I'm glad you've found the samples so helpful, Heather! May many others utilize these great tools <smile>.

The girls still seem to have dodged the bug, and Brittany and I are improving...

Reader: If the Sonlight Advisors have not been helpful for you, I suggest you check out the Choosing Sonlight Forum. There is a ton of wisdom there! Still, I highly recommend the Advisors... they are a very knowledgeable bunch <smile>.



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