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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Dying Mouse

The cursor stutters across the screen. I need to be precise, but my tools are failing me. The timeline is packed with clips, graphics and audio files. The computer lags for a moment. My hand slips across the mousepad. The edit is wrong.

Undo. Try again.

This is the third mouse I've killed since starting here at Sonlight.

And, no, I do not stick them on the glue boards by the entryway.

Mouse Trap

So, it's time for a new interface tool. I've put in my request for a tablet. Hopefully I'll get one shortly after the new year. That would be fantastic!

Any new tools on the horizon for you? (aside from the obvious, of course) New computer gadgets? Better kitchenware? New pencils? An electronic book reader?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father


Anonymous said...

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The Reader said...

Well, I did get a very popular electronic book reader for Christmas. Must say I am beyond thrilled with it. Really a treat for me - finally I have books available in English that don't cost an arm and a leg here! (Brazil, not TX, for anyone confused). Plus it is just amazing to use.

Luke Holzmann said...

Cherish, I've killed three optical mice (including one of the old-school "Mighty Mice" from Apple). The others died because I over-used the scroll wheel. Not sure what's going on with this mouse. But I am looking forward to using a tablet here at work <smile>

I got to play with a first generator Kindle way back in the day, and I wasn't too impressed. I'm sure the digital readers have improved, and I'm thrilled to hear it's been great for you thus far, Heather <smile>. May it save you lots of money and be an excellent addition to your tools.

Happy New Year!


se7en said...

ooohhhh I totally love my kindle, My husband got it for me about two months ago and I wasn't convinced - I love a real paper book. I am a classic reader at heart... that being said a little avid!!! turns out I don't have to pay for shipping AND I can carry about twenty books (at the moment)... it is like having a bookshelf in your backpack... wherever I am, whatever I am doing I can choose what I am in the mood for and read from wherever I left off - no scrabbling about and praying the kids haven't taken my bookmark. I am loving it!!!

Jeanne said...

I got an Ipod Touch for Christmas... downloaded a bookreader app for it. So far I've only read A Christmas Carol on it but it was pretty convenient.

My husband has an E-slick bookreader... he chose that over Kindle because it's more of a universal reader and cheaper. He also looked at the Nook, which was less proprietary than Kindle but had features he didn't need. He gets most of his books from Fictionwise, which is a cheaper source than most downloadable bookstores.

I'm kind of on the fence about ebooks. Love the convenience, but the thought of a paperless historical record makes me wonder what the archaeologists are going to be able to dig up a thousand years from now. It was bad enough when people stopped writing on stone tablets, but now, once the power goes out, so will every last word we write. :-(

Missy said...

I got a new camera for Christmas. It will definitely take better pictures then my old digital in which the sky was starting to turn out pink.

Luke Holzmann said...

Se7en, glad to hear you loving your digital reader. I'll get one to play with eventually...

Jeanne, my wife got an iPod Touch for Christmas as well <smile>. She downloaded a Bible app and takes it to church now instead of her large Bible <smile>. And you're right about our connection to power and our text. This is especially true of what I do in the blogosphere: When the internet goes down, I can't work!

Hurray for better digital cameras, Missy! Better images are so nice <smile>.



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