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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Silence and Spin

Last night one of my friends mentioned that the director of Planned Parenthood had resigned and was now working for the Coalition for Life.

"Whoa! That's crazy," I said.

And a little misleading.

Turns out that it was a director of an abortion clinic in Texas.

Still... it's interesting. To me, at least.

First: Cool "win" for pro-lifers. So why haven't I seen this on the blogs? Have I just missed the ones that are talking about it?

Second: Lame "spin" that boarders on lying. Some small-time director had a change of heart. That's nice, but hardly earth-shattering. Is that why I'm not hearing about this more?

Third: Why can't I find any major news stations--or news websites--talking about this? I mean, KBTX isn't exactly nationally known... right?

So where is the spin and what is the cause of the silence?

And what do you make of this post?

How long do we have to wait before 20-20 hindsight starts to kick in? Or is that just a myth? What do we really know of history and how do we interpret it? What of people's motivations? And how do we get beyond our own biases and, as Simon and Garfunkel put it, seeing the things we want to see and disregarding the rest?

I just got the strange sensation that news reports are like textbooks. Somehow the presentation feels similar. The vignettes of solid facts that often lack emotion or, worse still, present a monochromatic world. I don't like that. That can't be the way things are.

And that's why I like the wild, emotional, conflicting world of blogs. This jumble of opinion and personal experience reminds me of the literature that made up my historical studies as a child. Granted, there are few blogs that match the literary quality of the award-winning books I experience because of Sonlight. But the human reality is similar. And I like that. What's more, I think more literary modes of presentation allow us to see more clearly what is spin and what is better left unsaid.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

On second thought, I don't want the goons after me. I'm thinking we live in dangerous times and it will only get worse.

Luke Holzmann said...

Don't want goons after you! I've deleted the "This comment has been deleted" message... just to be safe <smile>.


Unknown said...

Hmmm... I read about it on FoxNews.

Oh, wait. I forgot. They aren't a news organization lol

Tammy said...

Hmmm, I read about it on Fox News, too, but it was a very quiet media event. Perhaps because people don't want to face what abortion really is. It is unfortunate in a way as it would be an opportunity to let women know that Care Net pregnancy centers minister to women who have had abortions and are seeking the healing, forgiveness, and love available there.

Tammy ~@~

Luke Holzmann said...

Butter, you made me grin. <smile>

Tammy, that's possible, I guess. But people love yelling about this topic. So I'm really confused as to what's going on here. Ah well. Maybe someday we'll find out...



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