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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Implementing Feedback

Yesterday I wrote about how we love getting your feedback. In fact, when you reach week 30 in your Instructor's Guide, we ask you to send us your thoughts. We want to know what you liked, what didn't work for you, of any errors you found as well as any other tidbits you'd like to share with us.

But one of my Product Development friends mentioned something crazy: We may not be able to implement your feedback for two years!

What? Is the Sonlight ship so staggering that she simply can't change course?

Sonlight Ship

Not at all!

Rather, to get next year's curriculum ready for you, we have to finish producing it before many families have even begun using the current version. For example, let's say that you just started Core K. Well, the next version of Core 1 will be available for you April 1, 2010. To get it ready in time, we need to be wrapping up on it now. But someone using Core 1 right now hasn't made it to week 30 yet.

That's one reason why it can take a while for us to implement your suggestions: We're already almost done with next year's products.

Like I said: Crazy.

At least, I thought so. That's why I shared it with you.

But we read every single feedback form we receive. We love hearing from you! And we seriously consider your insights and impressions. Just remember: You may not see the changes until the year after next. Not because we're not willing, but because while you're using this year's Core we're making next year's Core so it's ready when you are.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father


The Hibbard Family said...

I actually am impressed with the two years! When I compare Sonlight now to what it was when my mom taught my youngest siblings, I can see how much Sonlight has grown and improved over the years. Thank you for listening to us...and for reminding me to double-check and make sure I put last year's evaluations in the mail. I filled them out, but I'm beginning to question whether or not I mailed them! :-)

Luke Holzmann said...

That's wonderful to hear, Ann! And I really hope you submit your feedback if you haven't already <smile>.



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