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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My 15 Seconds of Fame


I was working away yesterday
Upon a thing or two.
When what should I see coming at me
But a coworker out of the blue.

"Right now, this moment, this very time
"The radio station is playing
"A bit about homeschoolers and awkwardness,
"So you should see what they're saying."

I decided to call. The busy wall
It stopped me once or twice.
Once finally through, they said "Hellu?"
I said, "Homeschooling's a blessing, not vice."

"I see. Uh-huh. That's very nice,"
The screener said back to me.
"I'll let them know, and thank you so
"For calling and talking with me."


I didn't get on the air. Instead, they talked with a woman who "had" to homeschool because of her daughter's recent surgery.

"How's it going?" the DJ asked.

"Horrible," the woman exclaimed, "I hate it!"

They also chatted with a guy who felt that his homeschool experience had been bad and he definitely wouldn't do it with his children, even though he had somehow turned out okay.

The last caller they got was very positive about her homeschool experience, but all they wanted to know was the age at which she lost her virginity... which somehow related to not being a dork and properly socialized.

Perhaps it's good I didn't get on.

Still, it's bothersome when the media end a segment on homeschooling by saying, "All right, I think we've established: If you don't want your kid to ever have relations... homeschool 'em."

Where did they come up with that?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father


Queen Mommy said...

Those DJs don't know what a great interview they missed! Next time your coworker should pick a friendlier show. ;-)

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...


God didn't want you on that show.

mary grace said...

"The last caller they got was very positive about her homeschool experience, but all they wanted to know was the age at which she lost her virginity... which somehow related to not being a dork and properly socialized."

Ah, yes. THIS is truly the measure of an education, isn't it? ((sigh))

Luke Holzmann said...

Queen Mommy, <laughing> well, I don't know how good of an interview I would have been for their demographic anyway...

Mrs. C, that is entirely likely <smile>. And, depending on what theological bent you're coming from for that statement, absolutely right <laughing>.

Sadly yes, Mary Grace; sadly.


se7en said...

That is so funny - and we home schoolers often wonder why people think we are a bit weird!!! Can you blame the world if this is their exposure to homeschooling!!! It may have taken a lot more than fifteen minutes to explain that there is a bit more depth to homeschooling and "the whole socialization issue" than the extra-curricular activities they were suggesting!!! Just be glad you missed this "opportunity" it sounds like one you may have wanted to mentally prepare for!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Love your poem. Very creative.

Hmmm... I clearly have "had relations" seeing as I have four kids. And I was homeschooled. Not sure how that happened. Of course I DID wait until marriage, so maybe I don't count.

Seriously, though, I knew homeschoolers who were very "active." I don't think the schooling method made much difference really.

Luke Holzmann said...

Se7en, totally. We really need more time with people, not just clips and bits, to show that homeschooling really is a fantastic option.

Heather, glad you liked the poem! [smile] Yeah, I would have answered much the same way... which, yes, wouldn't "count" except for, perhaps, showing how "straight laced" I am.


The HoJo's said...

oops I'm late to the party again. So, could you see my eyes rolling from all the way over here?

I'm not sure I would relish my education being assessed by my 'dorkdom'..... however as we didn't sit SAT's when I was at school perhaps I would have tested out well :o)

S'funny but when ever I get into a discussion about homeschooling I am always asked 'what abiout the socialisation', perhaps I have been misinterpreting their meaning ;o)


Luke Holzmann said...



I like that.



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