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Friday, July 17, 2009

Get 'er done

I haven't watched much Larry the Cable Guy, nor am I recommending that you do. But his phrase "git-r-done" (which, I think, should be written as "get 'er done"--hence this post's title) can get funnier the more times it's repeated and the later it gets.

I'm just sayin'.

But there are times when I feel like I just can't get it all done. And sometimes that's depressin'. But if I remind myself that it's okay, that I'm never going to do everything, that the fact that there is more to do is a good indication that there is still purpose to life ...well, then it's not too bad.

It's harder when you can't get everything done because you're waiting on a few elements to come together. And I am.


Once they get here--my kids, a few updates to Sonlight, a couple new features and tools--well, then there will be much rejoicing--yay. Until then, I need to be okay with the fact that I can't do it all, that I have to wait, and that Monday will come with renewed opportunities to work on things that we didn't get to today.

Have a great weekend!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

I know you have tons of people supporting and praying for you. Hope you get 'er done soon and that the children are able to adjust well.

Yep, still waiting for that "I am getting on the plane now" post from you, friend. There will be a big victory whoop from Missouri when you hit the publish button!


ukkiwi said...

Thanks for posting on my blog Luke, Yes a little weird having winter down here and summer up there, I have also lived in California and born in the UK before coming here 20 years ago so know all about the heat and cold.
I haven't visited your blog before and may I say it was a pleasure, I had heard of Sonlight before but never really checked it out, I have now though, I love the look of it and my daughter and youngest son would love it, but sorry out of my price range.
You have a great blog and I will check in again.

Have a great day,

New Zealand

Heather the Mama Duk said...

We are always waiting for something it seems. I hope your kids come home to you soon. The Lord's time. Not that that helps all that much. We want things in OUR time.

Tony C said...

Luke, coming from a man who lives in the South, you are both too sophisticated and classy to pull off the 'Git-r-done' phrase...

If you start quoting Hee Haw, I'll know you've gone over the edge.

God bless you dude!

Luke Holzmann said...

Mrs. C, I'm waiting too. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and encouragement! <smile>

Nicky, I'm glad you stopped by! I look forward to getting to know you even better in the coming days <smile>. Sonlight is pricey (because of how much you get!). May God continue to provide your family with everything you need and more!

Heather, so true. Still resting in His timing, but I'm not very good at it yet...

Tony, I don't think I'll be able to pull of a Hee Haw... and my get-r-done still needs a lot of work. But "sophisticated" and "classy"? Hmm... I'm the guy who spilled water on his desk just an hour ago while trying to take a sip of water.

...still, the water did mostly land in a mug on my desk, so that has to count for something <smile>.



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