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Monday, June 8, 2009

Thinking Caps

Normally, we mean "a hat to help us better think" when we talk about thinking caps.

But all too often, I find that something in my assumptions or preconceptions limits my ability to really consider an idea. And thus, my thinking is capped by how much I'm willing to consider another perspective. So, no matter what hat I'm wearing, I find that a "thinking proof" cap is clamped down around me.

Thinking Cap

I think that's what my dad is referring to in his latest post on the biblical nature of "randomness". It appears that some thinkers have gotten themselves stuck on particular words and missed the actual ideas. In trying to debunk evolution, they have capped their thinking at "God's design" and never got any further. At the same time, as my dad points out, "the Christian evolutionary community" needs to consider some ideas they've never gotten to either.

Granted, our own biases will always blind us and we can't get ourselves to see more clearly by simply wanting it to be so. But, by truly listening to those who disagree with us, we have the opportunity to remove the thinking cap. And that's why I love homeschooling: Despite the labels of "brainwashing," we have the unique opportunity to explore the various sides of a debate. We can tackle tough issues with our families as they arise and our children are ready for them. And while we will never escape our assumptions, we can safely look at challenges to our presuppositions and consider...

So, are you ready for another discussion of something "biblical"? It's a video on "biblical marriage"--though, I would argue, is more an excellent summary of "biblical methods of procuring a wife" than "marriage" per se ...hence why it completely falls apart at the end. It's supposed to be funny. For some, it will be. For you, I'm guessing less so.

And it is not suitable for children.

But it is interesting and, I think, provides an excellent opportunity to shed your thinking cap and consider the ideas. If nothing else, it will challenge your biblical knowledge [smile].

Okay, you've been warned. Ready? Jump in. The water's not too hot yet. If you can't get beyond your own thinking cap--not sure I did--can you spot her assumptions that are limiting her thinking (besides the one I gave you for free)?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father


Melonie said...

Hmm, sounds interesting! I'll have to pop over and check it out when children are abed tonight. :-)

Thanks for the suggestion on the Core 4-day vs 5-day. I hadn't realized there was a 4-day schedule in the 5-day one...assumed they were different documents in each core.

Remind me some time to introduce you to a friend of mine on Facebook - I've worked with his company (military) for years now; he might be able to help y'all reach more military homeschoolers if you're interested in doing so.

Clifford Jeffery said...

I'm a military home-schooling mom!!!!

Morgan said...

So which part are we discussing? You'll have to be a little more specific.

A couple things that jumped out to me:

Sara having Hagar sleep with Abraham to have a baby- that was the way infertility was handled back then, wasn't it? There weren't a lot of options for people who wanted a baby. Even so, it was a mistake. It has caused problems that started in their generation all the way into our own. God didn't bless Sarah and Abraham for taking matters into their own hands, rather He blessed them when they finally trusted His promise and waited for God to act.

As for Solomon and his many wives, God didn't bless him through that either. In fact, they led his heart astray, just as God had said they would.

The Bible is full of stories of Godly men and women that have made mistake after mistake after mistake. The plan was still one man one woman, and in it a picture of Christ and the Church. Matthew 19:4-5, Ephesians 5:23-32.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are not displayed here.

mary grace said...

Wow. That's some crash course on Biblical history, isn't it? While I enjoyed the parody (c'mon, who doesn't get a kick out of seeing Solomon's conquests totaled?) I think that a deeper investigation of the implications of actions, the cultural norms behind the "sanctioned behavior" etc. would produce a more complete, decidedly less antagonistic look at scripture.

But that wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun as watching a rabid atheist rip into the "marriage is between one man and one woman" theme, now would it?

chapman55k said...

"It appears that some thinkers have gotten themselves stuck on particular words and missed the actual ideas."

All I can say is bravo to this whole post centered around that one though. Loved it.

Luke Holzmann said...

Melonie, hope you found the video at least interesting <smile>. And you are welcome about the suggestion. I didn't want you to potentially miss out on a great deal of a Five-Day Program because you didn't have all the information. Oh, and reminder: Introduce me to your friend on Facebook <smile>. We're always happy to serve more families who would benefit from our services.

Kristen, <smile>.

Morgan, I'm happy to discuss any part of it <smile>. Sorry, I like open-ended questions when I'm asking them (I don't like them when I have to answer with only a few words though, so I feel your pain). 1. Definitely a cultural thing and way to deal with infertility. And great point about how that was not God's plan. 2. Great point about Solomon as well! 3. Yep: The Bible--contrary to most other religious texts (to my understanding)--includes the foibles, follies and failures of it's "big dogs" as a way of encouraging us both in learning from their mistakes and resting on the goodness of God.

Boremetotears, there are several passages from Scripture that I want to shoot someday for the "shock value" of it <smile>. There is a lot of content in the Bible that is not suitable for children. From what I hear, Song of Solomon was restricted to those 30 years and older. As for your incest question--and I'm a firm believer it was brother-sister, though the Bible honestly doesn't really say one way or another: You're absolutely right--we wouldn't be her with out it <smile> (though there are some interesting verses that may indicate otherwise). My answer--and I'd be thrilled if someone actually confirmed or denied my assumptions here:
Since Adam and Eve were designed by God, their system was "perfect", but after the Fall our little entropy system kicked in, including negative mutations. And this really is the biological problem with incest: It isn't good for us. Since God's laws tend to be for our good <smile> when things started to go down hill with the whole incest thing--I'm assuming it took awhile for the issues to arise from inbreeding--that's when we start to see God forbidding it. Sorry, trying to be short. Clear?

Mary Grace, I've always thought Solomon was hilarious... and tragic. Enough women for one a night for almost three years? That's... well... a lot <smile>. And, you're right: It would be less funny if it wasn't so antagonistic.

Thanks, Ken <smile>.


Anonymous said...

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Morgan said...

Wasn't it not until after the flood sometime that incest was declared not okay? Like you said Boremetotears, it had to be done in the beginning or we wouldn't be here. And I agree about how it probably wasn't until later on that the genetic problems arised, and for our good incest was made off limits. With Adam and Eve, they were one flesh. Not one flesh with others- one flesh with each other.

Luke- Which verse are you referring to in your link?

Luke Holzmann said...

Boremetotears, that is a good point. My hope is that my mentioning what I did, those who are not feeling up to it would stay away <smile>. But yes, it isn't for the sensitive (read: I haven't shown it to my wife).

Where I live isn't too bad with the pollution thing, so outside activities are still mostly okay <smile>. As for the 900 year lifespans, I think there are several potential reasons for it. Not sure which ones will prove to be true.

Morgan, mostly verse two "the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose" but I felt that verse one gave a little more useful context. Again, I'm not saying this verse indicates that there were more than Adam and Eve at first, just that it is interesting and opens up some possibilities...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are not displayed here.

Luke Holzmann said...

Boremetotears, 1. Biblical views of marriage--what makes it sacred, good, healthy, beneficial, etc--are defined elsewhere in Scripture. These stories are examples of how people in the Bible procured a woman to be their wife. This, then, says far more about Biblical "dating" than about marriage. The reason the video falls apart when it tries to tie it to homosexual marriage is that it has missed this important difference: Good marriage is defined in the Bible apart from these stories. These stories merely recount how some got to the point of being married. Clear?

2. Most of the examples cited in the video were not arranged, condoned, or commanded by God. So, it was dead before we even got to my point above. Also, as you point out with your use of "moral"... it begs the question: What defines something as "moral" and why? What is morality?

3. Thankfully, I found the video moderately humorous--which means, I hope, that I have my cap slightly open <smile>. My response is based on the idea that people who view this satire consider it to be totally true, impossible to give a rebuttal, and closed the case. This is not the case, however. So, while I smile at these videos, I don't feel like I can just leave them alone. They're very errant in their views, suggestions, and insinuations.

4. I do my best to not just grab at straws, and instead hold intelligent discourse and challenge false assumptions. I don't like people stumbling around in the dark, and I hope I'm not <smile>. Of course, I'm hopefully open to seeing where I am and moving beyond that. Thank you for pushing me, and I hope that I am growing and thinking better because of it.



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