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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Winsome Ambassadors

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I read a post today that brought up the oft shared experience of waiters and waitresses around our nation: Christians are terrible tippers. On top of that, we can often be "demanding, complaining, and down right annoying" right after we finish saying grace, and then "leave a small tip with a track on how to become a believer."



May we always be generous with our blessings, beginning with our physical stuff and time, and then sharing our hope and joy. This is certainly an area I'm growing in. And this morning in Large Group Prayer, my mom shared with the company about how we came to give to the organizations that we do.

I now purposely leave large tips when I go to a restaurant. I try to be friendly and courteous. I want to be a winsome ambassador in how I act and how I give.

And may your children see your good works as well.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

P.S. Heather's post is one of the many that I find every day and include in the "Other Posts of Note" section on this blog. I think these posts are encouraging, thought-provoking, and often very funny. Enjoy!


Jennifer said...

Before I became "just a SAHM" I had a job with an expense account and learned to be a great tipper.

Now that I am on my own dime, and picking up the meal of a toddler too boot, I order more frugally and still tip well. One tip I have for diners is... if you order water and expect refills, then you should tip on the price of a beverage. These little things add up.

Tammy said...

Yes, I've heard that sad but true news before.

Having done some waitressing in my late teens, I know how hard it can be at times for those on their feet going out of their way to keep customers happy and I always try be generous in my tipping.

My girls often play "restaurant" at lunch time and I tip them as well, even though they are serving food *I* bought! LOL! Hopefully they won't expect their husbands to tip them someday *wink*

Tammy ~@~

Unknown said...

It's funny to read this today since we went to Ruby Tuesday on Monday night and left a 50% tip. We felt bad because the baby had made a mess like babies do when they insist on feeding themselves. The waitress insisted it was fine, no big deal, but we still felt the need to tip her well. She was an excellent waitress anyway, keeping our water filled and all. We always tip at least 20% anyway because we know waitresses are paid so poorly and depend on those tips.

I've seen people leave tips of a few pennies or, literally, the coinage change they get after paying. Some excuse it by saying the food cost so much they can't "afford" to tip. I say figure your tip in the cost of what you order and if you can't afford to leave a reasonable tip, go to McDonald's instead. It's not fair to the waitress to stiff her like that. It's not HER fault the food costs what it does.

We pray before we eat at restaurants and we tip well and try to be extremely polite so I hope some waiters/waitresses notice those of us like us who are Christians and not rude and poor tippers. Unfortunately, the negative experiences are much more obvious.

The Hibbard Family said...

So very true! It's so important that we put our money where our mouth is in the literal sense when we are in public!

Kim & Dave said...

YEAH!!!! What a great post, Luke!!! I sooo agree!!!

Karen Joy said...

I totally agree. We tip very generously, and are kind to our waitresses, in a specific effort to be "winsome ambassadors" for Jesus' name.

When I was in college, one of my very best friends was the associate pastor of my church, who was 10 years older than me. I so enjoyed his company, but he was one of those demanding, annoying Christian customers. So, whenever we went out to eat, I'd make sure I had extra cash on hand, to supplement the tip. :)

Tony C said...

Hilarious...but sadly true.

When will we realize we reflect Jesus to nonbelievers in all that we do?

Luke Holzmann said...

Jennifer, I had never heard the beverage tip idea before. That's good!

Tammy, that's really fun <smile>. And, yes, hopefully your daughters' husbands will thank them in other ways <smile>.

Butter, I try to be generous, but I've never done 50%! <smile> But you're absolutely right: "the negative experiences are much more obvious."

Ann, yes! May we "put our money where our mouth is."

Kim, <smile>.

Karen, sad times that your associate pastor was like that. Thank you for making up the difference <smile>.

Tony, I don't know when we'll realize that. Unfortunately, I know there have been many times when I haven't been very Christlike at all. Not my better moments.

Wow, well, since you're all great tippers, I can only assume none of us go out to eat very often or this stereotype would be reversed <laughing>. Keep on loving those around you! You're all great! <smile>


Karen Joy said...

Luke ~ Or, maybe it's just that those who homeschool with Sonlight are a particularly exceptional, tipping bunch. ;)

Warren Baldwin said...

Very good post pointing out a sad truth. Why do Christians become so self-centered?

My wife and I often do what Karen Joy mentioned in an earlier comment - we supplement the low tips of others at our table.

I have a friend who became a minister because as a teenager he remembers his youth minister being so kind and courteous to stressed-out waitresses. He so admired the youth minister that he wanted to be like him - and followed him into ministry.

We don't know what great good or tragic harm we may do by being ungracious diners.

Good post.

Luke Holzmann said...

Karen, that must be it! Go Sonlighters! You all rock <smile>.

Warren, may others be drawn to us because of how gracious we are. May we be more like that minister. As to why we get so self-centered... I'm really not sure. But I sure see it in myself often enough.



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