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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pesky Problems

There are always things that need attention in this life: bills, plumbing problems, the yard/garden, meals, skinned knees, phone calls, school plans, extracurricular activities, etc. And you have to figure out how to juggle and take care of them.

But every once in a while something comes up that you just don't want to--or can't--deal with at the moment. And so it goes into a pile. And if you're anything like me, you may have lost the form to renew the registration for your car.

...every year for as long as you can remember.

What I realized today is that with some problems it's better to just go with the duct tape fix. We simply can't do everything, fix everything, or make everything perfect.

We must pick our battles.

And some of them are better left un-fought.

I'm not saying that we should become lazy. But I am saying that there are times when it simply isn't worth it to keep thinking about dealing with something.

Which brings us to the quote: Don't put off until tomorrow what you can put off indefinitely. If you can delete that email, toss that scrap of paper, give up on that project for a while... do it. Eliminate the clutter.

Eliminate Clutter

This can easily apply to your homeschool studies. Sonlight has always given you permission to not do everything. If, at a later time, you feel like you can give it another "go," fine. But for now, just let it go ...or find something that will help do the work for you, like the Discover & Do DVDs I helped make <smile>.

So what are you going to let go today?

I'll go first: I left an image on the site with just a note, rather than set up, shoot, photoshop, and upload a new one.

I also deleted a bunch of emails.

Your turn.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father


Metamorphosis said...

I can agree with you about there always being something that needs your attention. Just wait until you become a Father lol, it gets worse ;).

Seriously though, that is good advice. I am notorious for going through everything in my life and shedding the things I have not or will not use.

Congrats on becoming a Dad!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are not displayed here.

Tammy said...

Life has way too much clutter, doesn't it? When I think of all the things Jesus toted around with Him while He was on this earth...ya, that makes the point, doesn't it?

Personally, I'm currently working through my two email accounts and hitting the DELETE button frequently. It's time for me to STOP saying...."this is interesting and I'll follow-up on it later" because later never ever comes.

Thanks for the reminder to keep on keeping on with my email clutter!

Tammy ~@~

P.S. I continue to keep you guys and your littles in my prayers!

Luke Holzmann said...

Micah, I'm guessing Fatherhood is going to take some adjustment <smile>. Thanks for the congratulations... now just get Kyrgyzstan to let me get my kids <smile>. Thanks for stopping by, and I hop to see more of you around these parts <smile>.

Monica, good stuff. Keep it up! And may you have a great time with you husband <smile>. Loved the donuts picture, by the by. So cute!

Tammy, there is so much clutter! Good luck cleaning it out <smile>. And thank you so much for your prayers. They are much appreciated.


Heather the Mama Duk said...

Today I let go of everything and laid in bed (I'm sick with some nasty virus).

Luke Holzmann said...

Lord, I ask that You would bring Heather back to full health. May her rest be exactly what she needs. Amen!

Get well soon!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Amen, Luke! NOW you have room in your inbox for me to forward those chain letters with pictures of cute cats, complete with questionable theological sayings and a "Thinking of You, send this to five people" thing-o at the bottom. You'll be blessed twice as much if you send it to ten people, but bad things will happen if you hit the delete button.

You're welcome.

PS Your enhanced catalog post drives me NUTS!!! You're purposely teasing the readers here!

Kim & Dave said...

Good question, Luke!!! Must ponder that one!!

Luke Holzmann said...

Mrs. C, I have a policy of trying to respond to all personal emails (unless I have nothing more to say than a <smile> or something similar). However, I have another policy: The Chain Breaks Here <smile>.

...and, yes, I'm purposely teasing people. <smile>

Kim, may you find quick solutions to all the pesky problems you encounter this week, and the strength and wisdom you need for the larger ones <smile>.



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