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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Helpless Without You!

I'm helpless without you, Comments!

Truly: It throws me when someone has comments disabled on their blog.

I read something interesting, and like the "Media Relations Specialist" that I am, I want to say something back. But every once in a while I run into a post that has no comforting and enabling "Post a Comment" button.

And that confuses me.

As a blogger, I love comments.

I also like leaving comments--but only when I feel like I have something to say; I do my best not to textually vomit on a post.

So, I'm adding this to my list of blogging pet peeves: Let me comment!

Thank you.

That is all.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

P.S. If you read this blog and you think I may not be reading yours, please send me a link to your blog. I'd love to add you to my RSS reader. You can leave a comment here or email me. I want to get to know you!


Kim & Dave said...

Another pet peve of mine when it comes to blogs-a few people join loops & then have their blogs private! If you don't want me to look at your blog, don't join a loop, or put your link out there!!!

I understand the safety issue.....but still, it's annoying to think "Oh, that blog looks interesting," & clicking on it, only to be told, "This blog is open to invited readers only!"

Clifford Jeffery said...

I like comments too. I had to recently put the little thing that makes you type in letters because of spam comments. Grr. Comments keep you writing!!! Keep it up!

Shauna said...

On a message board I frequent, a blogging newbie freaked out because she GOT A COMMENT FROM SOMEONE SHE DIDN'T KNOW!!! It made me wonder why she wanted to start a blog in the first place, but I assured her that was to be expected and that most bloggers actually want that to happen.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Me, too! Blogging is a conversation.

Melonie said...

"Textually vomit" on a post?

Um. EW. Luke. EW.

I get the point but EW. Blech.

That said, I feel the same way about not being able to comment.

And I agree with the other folk here about private blogs too. Don't send me a link to a private blog. It hurts my feelings and makes me feel like I'm standing outside the club being snubbed while the cooler blog readers get to give the secret handshake or code word or know the bouncer so *they* get to go in. *sniffle*

and just for good measure - EW. lol

Sarah said...

Textually vomit. rofl. :D

se7en said...

Great comment on comments! There is nothing worse than someone who links to you and you cannot comment or email them to connect with them... weeks later my mid still wanders round it! AAAAH it is all about connecting!

The HoJo's said...

ha ha that was so worth a comment :o)


chapman55k said...

I am truly amazed that you take the time to read through so many blogs AND comment. It has encouraged me to comment more. What Kristen & Cliff said is true--comments keep you writing. I want to do my part.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are not displayed here.

Luke Holzmann said...

Kim, oh my, yes.

Kristen, I've decided to temp fate and turn off the spam word filter thingy for a while... just to see. I had it on for a while. May the spammers leave you alone so you can go back to a quicker comment path soon <smile>.

Shauna, that is funny stuff <smile>. I guess there are still people who see blogs as a personal journal and not a chance to connect with others.

Karen, right on! <smile>

Melonie, I'm glad you don't feel left out in the cold here... even if you do have to encounter textual vomit from time to time when you stop by <laughing>.

Sarah, glad I got a giggle <smile>.

Se7en, I have found myself returning to blog posts weeks later in the hopes that they have decided to start allowing comments. ...thus far, I have met with little success <smile>.

Carolyn, thank you! <smile>

Thanks, Ken! I take my job very seriously, but not so seriously that it isn't fun most of the time <smile>. I count it a privileged that have I the opportunity to be so involved in the homeschooling blogosphere.

Monica, I love the community too! Thanks so much for being a part of this little community here <smile>.

Thank you all for your support. I was very bummed that I couldn't comment on a certain post yesterday, but you have lifted my spirits. Thanks, friends! <smile>


Sweet Woodruff said...

Leaving you a comment, because you left me one. :)

I'm heading off to History co-op tomorrow and I'm going to be teaching The Bronze Bow. Such a powerful book. It inspired me to let go of most of my revenge plots I've been working on.


God bless you and your family.

Leslie said...

Since we're listing about when a blogger has a link in his/her blogpost, and when the link is clicked, it takes over the active window rather than opening a new window! ;)

Luke Holzmann said...

AllyJo, <smile>. And, yes, the Bronze Bow is a great book!

Leslie, that can be super annoying. However, since most links work that way, I'm used to it and instead right-click and select "Open in new tab" <smile>. And, it can be really annoying of a link takes you to a new tab and you didn't want it. Ugh.

A tip: If you hold down "Control" when you click a link, it should open in a new tab. This does not work, for some reason, with many images. Hope that helps <smile>.


Heather the Mama Duk said...

I agree, I love comments. I also like to leave comments... Even when I'm way behind at going through my RSS feeds lol

Luke Holzmann said...

Heather, your comments are always welcome... even if they are "late" <laughing>.


Karen Joy said...

Pretty much echoing what everyone else has said, but it makes me really wonder about a person's motives and character if they just want to post their Important Thoughts, yet won't hear feedback. Seems frighteningly insecure, to me. If someone is that worried about others' thoughts, they should at least put comments on moderation, or something like that; not disable them entirely.

One caveat -- my uncle has very interesting but sometimes controversial blog, and on a post or two, the conversation between commenters got totally out of control. So, he closed just those particular posts to further comments. That was understandable to me, given the situation.

Luke Holzmann said...

Karen, I think some people really worry about security, or something, too. I honestly don't know why people don't allow comments.

But, yes, sometimes comments get out of hand and need to be stopped.



Ariana Sullivan said...

Textually vomit made me laugh. I do that to everyone's blog I ever comment on. It's a weakness.

It seems, though, that most people like vomited text. At least that's what they tell me. Maybe they're just being nice?? Great, now I'll be retyping and editing down my comments all the time :P

I couldn't find the place to comment on the first post on your blog right now- the catalog one. I'm so excited from that little peek. I'm wondering how my daughers will react to getting a magazine in the mail with a picture of them on it! I'll have to blog their reactions. lol

Luke Holzmann said...

Ariana, you weren't able to find the comment link? Ugh. ...perhaps it's time to make that a little clearer. At least you found this one <smile>.

I think most people like text... vomited or no, so I wouldn't worry too much <laughing>.

You need to blog about your girls' reaction when you get your catalog. Those pictures will be priceless, I'm sure <smile>.

Thanks for commenting!


Rene' said...

Interesting blogs, haven't read much yet, but am eager to. I happened to find them because I recognized your name when I was reading "thatmom" as someone who comments on my friends blog, "Excuse the mess we're making memories". I thought it was a strange coincidence.Then I checked to see if you were a friend of hers on FB and apparently she doesn't know you so I looked you up to find out that you are friends with a friend of mine from church, Alisha H. whom you apparently are friends from Biola. The world get's smaller and smaller. ;o) I look forward to reading more, and thanks for allowing comments ;o)


Luke Holzmann said...

Rene', I do my best to be friends on Facebook with all of my blogging friends (like ThatMom and "Excuse the Mess...") but I haven't made it onto everyone's Facebook friends list yet <smile>.

I have added your blogs to my reader now too, and I look forward to getting to know you better in the coming days <smile>.


Nancy said...

I have started reading your blog and really enjoy it. I doubt that you already read mine so I put the url in my identity when posting this (I think). I post irregularly but love getting comments also! Happy Easter!

Luke Holzmann said...

Nancy, I think I did have your blog in my RSS feed. I'm sorry I haven't commented yet! Keep writing and eventually I have something to say <smile>. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and I hope to have the opportunity to return the kindness soon.



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