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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Run for it, Marty!"

I love that moment in Back to the Future when Doc Brown says, "They found me. I don't know how, but they found me!" Cracks me up [NB: This movie has some language in it, and the quotes page reflects this fact].

And every once in a while someone asks me, "How did you find my blog?"

My answer is typically: I'm not sure. I read a lot of blogs, so maybe I was linked to you. Or perhaps you showed up in my Google Alerts for Sonlight or homeschooling.

So far no one has responded with: Who are you? Big Brother?*

But that day can't be far off. ...especially since I use Twitter search to see what people are saying about Sonlight there. And sometimes I even respond. I imagine it's quite frightening. You type out a pithy 140 character statement about your homeschooling experience and suddenly this "Luke_Holzmann" guy has responded. Who is he? Why he is watching you? What's going on?

This fear keeps me from replying at times.

Like today:
I started preschool at age 4. I used Sonlight, but I recommend the cheap route: READ and use workbooks

I held back, even though I wanted to say: Amazon is not cheaper! We've tested that theory.


I know, I know: If you take the time to scrounge around for used copies--especially of a whole Core--you can make out like a bandit. And I'm thrilled for families who can now experience the joy of Sonlight because of opportunities like these. It just bugs me when people claim we're "expensive" when our packages are cheaper than trying to get the books from other retailers.

But I keep my mouth shut--only sharing my feelings with you, my trusted comrades--and bind my time. The day will come when
I will rule the world! <Bwa hahaha ha!>

...did I just say that out loud?

Come to think of it, perhaps you'd better run for it, Marty!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

*Though people do come back and ask about my connection to Sonlight. "I am the Media Relations Specialist and my parents founded the company."
Nepotism, friends, I haz it.

...that last part is mostly in jest, but I do feel the pressure of that stereotype.


mary grace said...

Nepotism. ((giggle))

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are not displayed here.

Sue said...

I have to admit that the first time you wrote a comment on my blog I was kind of taken aback! It was a "hey, how did he know about little ol' me?" kind of feeling. I didn't know about all those cool alert things, but I figured it out that it must be something like that. Seeing the Holtzman name made me feel like I had gotten a message from a distant relative. I don't know how a non-Sonlight user would feel.

The time I got a comment from an author that writes stories geared to boys aged 8-12 on a post I had written about my reluctant reader son was a little more freaky, as I had never heard of him before. It was kind of cool, though, after I got over the strangeness of it. I got help for my problem without even asking for it. I actually did end up ordering one of his books, but it remains to be seen if it wil be the "spark" I have been looking for.

Wendy said...

I remember my reaction when I saw you commented on my blog-a celebrity of sorts commented on my blog!!!

I figured since I have an affiliate banner on my blog you were just Big Brothering it.

It's funny that just the other day, after making Brittany's Greek Pizza, I told my oldest daughter that it's funny how we feel connected to people we've never met.

se7en said...

Let's try a little reverse psychology! You don't know us, but I follow your blog. And I am actually responding to Wendy's comment - There is a Sonlight affiliate button? I would love a Sonlight anything button for our blog... when people ask us about homeschooling I have a one word answer: Sonlight, and when they "yes, but..." me. I say we have used it for se7en years straight (about to start our 8th year) and loved it, haven't wavered for a moment!!! Is there some special thing I need to do or know to put Sonlight fairly and squarely on our blog so that no-one is compelled to ask me about any other homeschool product... they will know exactly where I stand!

Kim & Dave said...

We tried ordering from Amaz0n the first year....& decided it wasn't worth the hassle of ordering from all over! It only saved us a few bucks (less than ten) anyway....& it was easier to get all the books from one place!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are not displayed here.

Wendy said...

I was hunting for a Sonlight banner for my blog and could only find one through being an affiliate (which is fine with me, since there's a chance to earn money). Go to this page to learn more:

Luke Holzmann said...

Mary Grace, glad I made you giggle <smile>.

Jessie, keep spreading the word about Sonlight. We want to save others as much money and grey hairs as possible <smile>.

Sue, "...made me feel like I had gotten a message from a distant relative." I love that. Love it!

Wendy, I don't Big Brother the affiliates. That's not my job. I just bump into them the moment they mention Sonlight <laughing>. And I love how connected I get with people I've never met. ...I look forward to the day when we will meet <smile>.

Se7en, have I not commented on your blog? Hmm... I guess not. I'm sorry, I need to get on that. I've been following you for a while now <Bwa hahaha ha!>.

Kim: Preach it, sister! <laughing>

Karen, the affiliates is an available option. But if you'd all like just a "button" type thing, I'll make one. In fact, I may make one anyway <smile>. And I've got tons of free time <ha!>.


se7en said...

Oh that is too funny I am laughing out loud... and here I thought I was incognito!!! I cannot believe I missed the whole sonlight affiliate thing. This is the first thing I wanted to do when we started blogging but didn't know how to! Obviously you were waiting for my blog to float around a while before you shared that gem of knowledge!

Jamie Jo said...

Funny you should mention the "big brother" thing the very day I found a mysterious membership request to my website, and tracked it down to be you. Hmmmm. I know what you mean, though. I found your blog just clicking on blogs of blogs, if you know what I mean. I enjoy your insights.

Unknown said...

I am a home schooling mom of 4 children (3 of school age). We have used Sonlight for 7 years and I wouldn't use anything else. I am a former teacher and I love your materials!

What I really wanted to comment on was the cost. Our annual income is below $50,000. Yet each year we set aside money to buy Sonlight. And I'm talking brand spankin' new. No used stuff. It is an investment, but one that is so worth it. I don't cringe when I see the price, because I know I will be recieving the best materials out there.

What's even more important to me is that I know my children are getting an awesome education. And truthfully, I am learning just as much as they are and loving it!

With all that said- Keep it coming Sonlight! We Love You!

Luke Holzmann said...

Se7en, I'm sorry I took so long telling you! <smile> I look forward to seeing your affiliate badge in the near future. If you want something immediate, don't forget you can add the Sonlight Moments widget <smile>.

Jamie, that's hilarious! You started following my blog, so I went off in search of you. This required that sign up with your website... but now I think I've finally arrived at your blog. <smile>

Jenn, thanks so much the encouragement! Glad you found my blog so I can following yours and see you around the blogosphere more <smile>.


se7en said...

See, this is what I love about all things Sonlight, a personal, human response - amazing, incredible. Even when you aren't at work! Thanks a lot!

Luke Holzmann said...

Well, I was at work <smile>, but I'm glad I was helpful! And you are most welcome.


Sebastian said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. However your first comment did jolt me into a realization of just how many people may be taking the pulse of any given blog on any given day.

I have also posted a number of times about Rosetta Stone, which is a product that we've used with some success. My posts frequently turn up under "Rosetta Stone Complaints" searches. It was interesting (and a bit alarming) to see that one company had used that search term with ads linking to their own product in a rather underhanded way and been sued by Rosetta Stone under it. It was strange to think that someone in a law firm might have been checking up on my posts in relation to a case like this.
I don't object to people using alerts about their product. I do appreciate it if comments contributed more than a weblink when their item had been mentioned in an offhand way. (And the guy that tried to advertise kitchenware really did annoy me.)

Luke Holzmann said...


Thanks for returning the favor <smile>.

I don't know how many other companies are actively out there scouring around on a daily basis--and I'm guessing there are even fewer who actually make it a point to retain contact with the people they bump into--but I'm one of them <smile>.

And, yes, the really lame comments are super annoying. Thankfully, my limited experience has been quite positive thus far when other people contact me about their site or product.

I hadn't heard about the Rosetta Stone thing. That's crazy.



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