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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Like a Kid in a Clicking Store

...I know, it should be candy store, but that doesn't have much relevance for the web. So, in typical Luke fashion, I forced a pun into a colloquialism based on a cultural allusion.

I'm sick. I know. But you are free to remind me of that fact <smile>.

First up: A brand new forum to find out about the conventions Sonlight will be attending this year. If you like walking convention floors and want to meet up with some Sonlight folks, here's your source for details.

In other news, Jerri-Ann linked to a post where a woman chats about homeschooling and why she doesn't. She labeled it a "debate," so I, naturally, added my thoughts. I thought my points were solid, and I took the time to write them, so I'm sharing them with you. I'd be very interested in your thoughts on the matter.

Now for the thing that has be totally excited, much like a kid in a candy store, only it's me on the web: We're testing a new feature on Sonlight's Newcomer 1 page. I've been pushing for this thing for a while, and it's cool to see us begin to test it. What is this super-cool, totally awesome, terribly exciting new feature?

Customer action shots--at least, that's what ThinkGeek calls 'em.

Candy Store

Sadly, we are split testing this feature, so you may not see it when you click over. If that happens, there is something you can do...

[<shh> don't tell them I told you this: If you clear your computer's cookies it may give you the picture bar when you refresh the page... granted, that will also kill my ability to track how effective this blog has been, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for you, my close friends and confidants.]

That's all the link-love I have at the moment. But I'm also out of time.

Gotta run before the peoples find out I told you about that the cookie thing. Maybe I can convince them I was talking about sweets; you know, what with the candy theme of this post and all...

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father


Esthermay Bentley-Goossen said...

You are sick. But I am sick too. Thus, I follow your blog and laugh.
I shall check out your links today.
…very favorable experience with Sonlight today. Sent off an email about a missing book and went to take a bath. By the time I was done with the bubbles, a response!!!!!
Unheard of! Very impressed mom here. Missing book will be here soon!

…some other interesting links here. Thank you. Clicking is my CANDY this afternoon!
Have a great day!

Sue said...

I read the "chats about homeschooling" link. Your response was awesome! I was cheering at every point. I am really curious to see if you get a response.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are not displayed here.

Meg_L said...

What an idiot woman and some of the comments just wanted me to ask them if they really paid any attention to the world themselves.

That said, I left her a long comment.

Luke Holzmann said...

Esthermay, I'm glad you enjoy my quirky enjoyment of the English language <smile>. I'm also glad to hear that Sonlight's Customer Service has "Wow'ed" you... that's the goal in providing top notch customer support <smile>.

Sue, thank you <smile>. When I read my response to my wife I realized I had a few typos in there... ah, proofreading. Who has time? <smile>

HappyLittleWonders, I know! I'm totally stoked too <smile>. I'm always happy to find another blog to ready, by the by <smile>. I look forward to getting to know you and your family in the coming days.

Meg, I'm glad I lit a fire under your bum too <laughing>. Hopefully our responses will help her seriously consider more fully her position on the matter and seek out more information. Thanks for jumping in with me <smile>.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

She issued an apology today. Go back and look.

VERY THANKFULLY, I didn't have time to comment on this last night, or I would have to issue an apology today as well. :p

Luke Holzmann said...

Mrs. C, I was alerted to that fact. I still stand by my response because I did not mean it in a nasty way. I merely wanted to give her "the other side"... and I hope I did so well, lovingly, and in a way that brought more light to the subject.

As for your firecracker nature ... <smile> ... that's why I love reading your blog.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...



Your response was beautiful, really. I should have said something before about that. It would have taken me about three hours to write all that.

Have you considered writing a book about your experiences testing curriculum and stuff for Sonlight as a kid? You could offer it in the Sonlight catalog and tons of people would buy it. You wouldn't even need a ghost writer! ;]

Hen Jen said...

I clicked over, the photos looked great, and the newcomers page was very helpful, somehow I missed it when I was ordering this morning...

just stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I really got a lot out of your link on the sidebar to the se7en blog.

I crashed and burned with sonlight a few years ago, but I am seriously thinking of trying again.

Luke Holzmann said...

Mrs. C, I haven't thought about writing a book on that subject yet... but I do have a couple others out there. One is a sequel to "Time for Friends"'s probably time to look at that again and see about submitting it for publication. The other is, well, we're working on the second draft right now...

Jenny, I can't get your blog to add to my RSS reader, which is odd. If you have any ideas why that might be, let me know! I want to get to know you better--and I'm still trying to solve the mystery of the missing Feed <smile>.
Please let me know if I can help you in any way as you start looking into Sonlight again. I may only be able to send on to Customer Support (because they know a lot more than I do), but I'm here to help!



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