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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feeding the Problem

I tried to add an RSS feed of Sonlight's latest News and Announcements to this blog today, but something wasn't working. In fact, it still isn't working.

So I poked around online. Nothing. I searched the Blogger help forum. Still nothing. I even posted a plea for help. Yep--nothing.

I've been stymied by a system over which I have no control, and I have no idea what goes on in the background that could be causing the problem.

And it's really frustrating when that happens.

Granted, learning to let go of control is an important life lesson. Learning to adapt when something refuses to work is another vital skill. But in cases like these, that's not really what's at stake. In this instance, the danger is that I may just give up. There's nothing I can do, and so I must wait for someone else to do something. And that is a very dangerous lesson to learn; it promotes apathy and discourages creative problem solving.

...almost like the bureaucracy of educational systems. There are many aspects of public education--not to mention most other government-driven aspects of life--over which we have very little control. Buying into these systems promotes the idea that we must wait for the government--or other entity of authority--to come save us if something goes wrong. It stifles personal responsibility. In many cases, we end up with no control over what is happening, and have no way of truly finding the source of the problem.

Homeschooling, while potentially messier--like me piecing together code for an RSS widget--offers control and a hands-on approach to any issues that may arise.

May you find ways to overcome the obstacles you encounter today, even if you have to get your hands dirty. And if you're like me, and waiting on "the powers that be," may the red tape be cut, and the issue resolved satisfactorily. Remember: If you are not satisfied with the results, there are other options.

...but you may have to start doing something yourself.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father


mareserinitatis said...

Tsk. Tsk. You don't have to give up. You could host your own blog using Wordpress software on your own domain. Then you could free yourself from the shackles of teh Google and be a completely independent. (Yes, sometimes it's nice to do it yourself. Other times, there are good reasons for letting others do things for not wanting to spend most of your life figuring out to run code.)

Luke said...


People have tried to convince me of the goodness of Wordpress. I am still less than convinced. I happen to like Google--but I do shudder at the thought of them ever "going evil." If that happens, we're all toast <laughing>. And, yes, laughter is the only thing to do in the face of such a thing....

If I were on Wordpress, I would be just as stuck in this instance... only I wouldn't have made it as far as I did <smile>.

Thanks for your concern though, and I will keep Wordpress as a backup option.


mareserinitatis said...

Sorry, I wasn't making myself clear. Wordpress hosts blogs, but they also make software that you can use to do your own hosting on your own site. I was referring to the latter. In this case, you wouldn't be stuck dealing with another provider, you would be stuck trying to figure out the problem yourself. I honestly am not sure that's any better, although in this case, one could posit that you're actually learning something. The tradeoff, though, is time.

Luke said...

Cherish, it was I who was unclear <laughing>. I know Wordpress has both options. The problem for me, in this case, is that the widget wasn't working and I'm not proficient enough with php/whatever to figure out the problem.

I have helped set up a Wordpress blog on a server for someone, and Wordpress looks really cool... but I'm very happy with Blogger for the time being.



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