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Friday, December 19, 2008

I Joined the 21st Century!

I'm a "Social Media Specialist" so I've been up on Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and many other things for a long while now. I'm also a media guy, so I'm up on HDV, P2, and h.264 compression as well. I also have some "state of the art" computer and camera technology.
[Aside: I'm setting myself up here. Just nod and assume I know what I'm talking about.]
But despite all of my technical knowledge and media prowess, I've been behind the times.

I've never owned a beeper, mp3 player, or a cellphone.

What? No mp3 player? No cellphone? What's next? You going to tell me that you never had a swatch either?

No. I've never been particularly cool, hip, or with it.

But today... today I have joined the 21st century.

Yep, I am now the proud owner of a slap bracelet cell phone! My wife has long had one as part of her family's family plan, and they just son-in-law'd me in. Pretty cool.

But just like every other famous celebrity, I have to be careful with my number, so I won't be posting it here (plus, I don't want to go over the plan's minutes; nothing like making the in-laws unhappy). But if you ever get a phone call from a California area code, it might just be me.

...but probably not. I'm going to be rather busy chatting with all my adoring friends who love me for my fame and fortune... since I'm cool now too.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father
P.S. Actually, the real lesson is this: Don't bother getting something just because others are. There is no need to jump on the latest in technology or homeschooling option if what you have/are doing now is working.

My wife wants me to be more accessible in case of an emergency, so I'm happy to have a cell now. But that's it. I know peer pressure is a powerful force, even in the homeschool community; don't give in unless you have need.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

We have had a cell phone since my 15-y-o was a toddler. The phones back then... you couldn't lose them. I miss those days. The instruction book was in ENGLISH, I tell you.

I knew all the ins and outs of that phone. Now I'm able to answer my cell, but not check messages or put in numbers in the directory, or figure out if there is a "texting" inside or anything. Other people take PICTURES with their telephones, even. :0 !!

I hate those stupid cell phone companies. I was happy with my phone 14 years ago and wanted to keep the same one but they forced me to "upgrade."

normal guy said...

Woohoo! Go Luke!
Not that I have a phone...
I still fail to see the general point of one when I have email, Facebook, Twitter, and IM.

Melonie said...

I used to sell cell phones (say that 3x fast - and no, it wasn't at the seashore) back when they were the size of bricks. In fact there was a big heavy NovaTel phone that we did call The Brick Phone. I used to tell people that if anyone tried to mug me (and not a rare occurence since I worked in Tacoma, WA), I'd just beat them with my Brick Phone. heh. Somehow nobody ever mugged me....I think they heard about my phone plan, frankly.

I have one now but since most of it is Japanese, I'm barely able to check voice mail. Not that anyone calls me, because my phone doesn't work in our house (typhoon/humidity proof cinderblock walls). So I have to go OUTSIDE to use it people I've met have basically given up on calling me unless they don't care when I get back to them.

It makes me much more appreciative of Verizon and all the access I had Stateside, lemme tell ya.

On the flip side, I only just got an mp3 player ( a real life iPod, even!) but only because my dad gave me one he got free at the bank and didn't want. I can barely use it either, but now that I have one playlist I can at least listen to it while I do laundry and the little man naps.

As for Swatches and slap bracelets.... well, I had the former but I'm too old for the latter. I had JELLY BRACELETS, people.

Scary bit of trivia: I can still, to this day, make two jelly bracelets loop around my wrist in the form of one bracelet.

I think I should put that on my resume, don't you?

KarenW said...

I don't have a cell phone either. I used to for a while but I gave it to my teenage son. Both of my teens have cell phones. Not so they can chat with friends or text, but for MY convenience. I want to be able to keep up with them when they are out and about. I can't imagine raising teens "back in the day" when cell phones didn't exist.

Luke Holzmann said...

Mrs. C, those "upgrades" will kill you. Money-grubbing cell phone providers... <grr> <smile>

Oliver, I have a phone mostly for my wife's peace of mind. It doesn't sound like you'd benefit from one, so hold out as long as you can! <smile>

Melonie, that sounds like a perfect addition to your resume <laughing>. That is good stuff (but now I need to go look up what a "jelly bracelet" is... oh, okay, right. I'm so uncool I didn't even know that's what they were/are called. Thankfully eHow can help me become hip.)

Karen, isn't is amazing how ubiquitous and "necessary" technology becomes? I love it, but it blows my mind.

Thank you all for making my introduction to the world of cell phones just that much brighter!


Sarah said...

I totally would have gone with the mp3 player over the cell....

Luke Holzmann said...

<smile> Fair enough.

I actually don't listen to much music... ever. I can't focus on most of the stuff I do if I'm listening to music.

I'm just not talented that way <smile>.



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