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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Out to Lunch

Once a month we have lunch as a company. I'm currently munching on a few chips from one such event today.

I've always enjoyed lunch. Even way back when I was "testing" Sonlight I had a lunch sack--which I never used, since lunch was is in the kitchen--that said, "My favorite subject is Lunch." That really wasn't even true, but I thought it was hilarious.

I'm like that.

I'm also Commutative Man, for those wondering. Here's another glimpse of my fantastic acting abilities and costume design. Yes, I own blue spandex. Yes, I've worn them in public with a red speedo over them.

MathTacular2 Trailer

Back to the topic of food--if you can still stomach the subject after that visual of me:

While filming the MathTacular series, Amber--our director, producer, and Justin's perpetual friend... not to mention pictured above--would often say, "Hunger is the enemy." Any time things started to get a little tense of set, we'd stop and have a bite instead of biting each other.

Food is one of those things that can really bring people together. I mean, if you're ever in the jungles of Onomatopoeia and you hear a twig Snap, what could be more comforting than the less-than-stealthy bushman offering you a grub?

Okay, bad example.

The point remains: If school or something else isn't going so well, perhaps it's time to take a few minutes for a snack.

We had it scheduled at our house. "Tea Time" was at 10:00 and 3:00 every day. I'm not sure how much it helped, since I was a blissfully ignorant child, but I'm guessing things went a little smoother because of it.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Luke Holzmann said...


I like that: A full boy is a happy boy. Good stuff. I'll use that one on my wife tonight when I want dinner <smile>.

Olivia's Mom (I know another Mrs. C, so I'm going with your other alias),

Bother. My wife says that my jokes are obscure, but I didn't follow you with the Snapple one. Sorry, I must have too many other Snapple jokes in my head because I didn't connect that one.

MathTacular is very different from Saxon, yes. But we cover a lot of the same material, just in a much more exuberant way. Glad you love the promo!


Anonymous said...

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Luke Holzmann said...


Okay, that makes sense. I guess my brain just wasn't engaged. That was great, I just was way too slow to get it <smile>.

I'm really glad that this blog can appeal to people outside our "demographic" because that means that people who may feel outside our "group" will one day become part of it or tell others about how great it is here. I'm very glad to have you as a reader, and feel free to ask about any of the lingo. I'm here to help!



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