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Monday, September 29, 2008

Ordering from Sonlight first impressions.

I have been involved with Sonlight to some extent or another since my mom started it back in '90. Granted, my involvement is has been off and on over the years, but I am now at a completely different level: I am a customer!

Not only that, I'm a genuine, card-totin' "Classic Member" of the Sonlight community.

<oooo... ahhhh...>

You're all jealous, I can tell.

I placed my order on Friday, and, as per my request, they just walked it over to my cube, so their delivery system is fantastic! I felt that having them ship it to my house wasn't very efficient, since I'm driving there after I finish this post.

No, we don't have our kids yet, but in preparation for getting them, we decided we needed to learn Russian, and quick. So we now own Rosetta Stone Russian 1&2.

Our First Sonlight Order!

My experience:

I popped onto the website and did a search for "Russian," and quickly found what I was looking for. Cool!

But I remembered an email about a special offer for Rosetta Stone, and I couldn't find any indication of the deal on the product page. My wife told me I should call Customer Support.

Great idea! Especially since I'm going to be blogging about the experience... might as well go the whole way.

So I called, and was left waiting for about five minutes. The music loop was a little short, so that got a tad annoying. (Did I mention this is a complete review of my experience? <smile>)

"Thank you for calling Sonlight, this is Lindsey, may I have your name please?"

"Hi, Lindsey. This is Luke Holzmann, and I actually have a real question."

I know who Lindsey is, and she, I think, knows who I am, but we work on opposite sides of building and haven't been formally introduced. So, this is about as close to a "stranger" as I was going to get. Had it been, say, Karla, I may have had a biased customer support moment. All the better for you that it was Lindsey. This was a real call.

I explained my confusion, and she did some poking around to answer my question.

Sonlight does have great customer service!

This brought me to the checkout process.

Oh my. This was nasty. I had to actually look around to find the "Let Me Buy This Stuff, Please!" button. It wasn't where I expected it, and was buried under a mountain of text.

Next was a "Coupon Codes" page, almost as confusing--again, with too much text. But being the computer savvy guy that I am, I managed. I can't let thousands of homeschool moms beat me! If they can do it, so can I!

Everything else was a snap.

And, like I said, I have my order now.


Thus far, I am very happy customer of Sonlight.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

P.S. I met with one of the web guys this morning, and he now has my feedback for making the checkout process cleaner. I do love being able to test this stuff so I can offer suggestions to make it even better.

But, I'm not the only one who can provide feedback. Sonlight welcomes your feedback as well!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

WOW, you got your order even faster than I did!!

HEY, can I mention that if you didn't know what product to order, or you wanted to make sure EVERYTHING you need for, say, three kids were included in your package, that your "curriculum advisor" will help you right down to how many pencils are in the math kit?

I was very impressed with my first order recently. I'm starting to think I want to order some music thing, but I've NEVER HAD LESSONS in any sort of instrument. I might have to bug the curriculum advisor on that, too, so I know what to get.

mamashine said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I just wrote another post about how much I like Sonlight. :)


Julie said...

COOL! Rosetta Stone is like the most fun I've ever had learning a language. I started French a couple years ago to see what my kid was getting into. It's not the newest version so I'm jealous!! The new ones you can talk to. Of course if you're like me and hubby you've already popped that thang open and loaded it, right?!
Have fun. Sorry you had to wait on hold so long...I always have had really quick responses! : )
Oh yeah, welcome to the world of "official Homeschool Moms... I mean parents". Oh, and just wait til the kids are here and you have box day and you get to sit around and sniff all those new books. My friend and I visit each other on box days just to sniff new books! : )


Luke Holzmann said...

Mrs. C,
It's true, I was on the inside loop. Of course, if I had to wait until FedEx dropped it off, it would have been longer. I am so glad that the Sonlight advisors have been helpful!

Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it. And, again, I am honored to be able to be involved in these little ways in your homeschool journey.

I'm proud to be a member of the homeschool mom world. I mean, I'm not a mom, but I feel like I've "arrived" <smile>.
I already get excited about other people's Box Days, and am really excited for my own. When we order books, I think I'll let them ship them to me, for the full effect!

Thanks so much for commenting, ladies!


mary grace said...

I just wanted to send my condolences--you missed out on half of the SL experience, I'm afraid! NO BOX DAY! Please tell me that you at least got your Rosetta Stone inside a space shuttle box. :-)


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