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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Javascript Widgets: A Bust

A teaser: Coming Real Soon!

Apologies to Mission Impossible

I found out today that if you're using a free Wordpress blog you are unable to include javascript widgets... meaning, it's impossible to add the "Sonlight Moments" widget to your Wordpress blog. That's disappointing to me.

[Hat Tip: Megan]

Web gurus I know laud the praises of Wordpress... if you own server space and can host the thing yourself. I've had people tell me that I should move my blogs to Wordpress, where I will have more control and permanence. But after bumping into this issue today, I'm very happy I'm with Blogger.

Of course, I've noticed that Blogger has lately been more finicky and less reliable than I would like. So, I don't know. I'm certainly not moving any time real soon--unless something crazy goes down--but I do like to know what options are out there.

So, two comment options today:

1. Guess what is now in Sonlight's warehouse and will be available soon.

2. Tell me about the blogging tools you use and what you like about them. Then I'll be able to add your blog to my list of daily reads (if you aren't already in my Google Reader).

Friends, Readers, Bloggers: Lend me your comments!

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father


Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are not displayed here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are not displayed here.

Marcia said...

On comment option #1: We are terribly excited about MT3!!! I've got 3 big fans if you count me and dad.

On #2: Sorry...I'm still too new to blogging to understand it all, but I like Blogger. Hubby uses WP and it's been a bit of a hassle.


Luke Holzmann said...


That is a really funny analogy. I have a Xanga account, but never use it.

Thanks for stopping by, Kelsey. I've never tried Typepad.

Marcia, you get 15 points! I'm still waiting for the moment when I can formally announce it. <squirms impatiently> I really want to get the word out!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are not displayed here.

Luke Holzmann said...

Thanks, Oliver, for taking the time to comment! Appreciate another Blogger fan <smile>.



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