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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Grain of Rice

Sonlight carries a cute little book titled "A Grain of Rice" in which a humble farmer asks to marry the Emperor's daughter. The Emperor refuses, so the man asks for a single grain of rice. Insulted that the man has gone from his daughter's hand to a grain of rice, the Emperor insists he ask for more. So the man asks that he be given a single grain of rice, and that that number be doubled each day for a hundred days ...with fantastic results. A very enjoyable read.

But as great an introduction to exponential growth as that book may be, I'm here to tell you about a different opportunity: The Sonlight Rice Bag Project.

You can download the introductory letter that was sent out to Sonlight customers here. And while we sent this letter only to Sonlight customers--since those are the only names and addresses we have--you are free to join in, even if you aren't a Sonlight customer. So sign up and tell all your friends!

We may not be able to provide an exponential growth of funds over the next hundred days to provide literacy classes for India women, but with your help, we can raise $200,000 for literacy classes in India. I could go on and reiterate what has already been written, but they've said it better than I could. So, check it out. Get involved. And invite others to partner with us in changing lives in India forever.

Get the Sonlight Rice Bag Letter here.

Find out more here.

One last note: After you have collected change, please feel free to cash it in for a check or contribute to Mission India online.

[NB: Be sure to let them know that this is part of the Sonlight Rice Bag Project so that Sonlight can double your contribution.]

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father



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