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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Follow Me

As a daily blogger I have found a distressing reality. Well, maybe not exactly distressing--more like: bothersome.

Some days I struggle to find something meaningful to say.

Other days, I have a bunch of topics to talk about.

And I can't spread them out because this is a blog and the topics tend to relate to a day, are only interesting right now, and while I could certainly think about some of these things tomorrow, tomorrow is a new day and there may be something more applicable then.

Or not.

Thus, my current quandary.

I can't even decide which topic to mention first.

Today's my birthday. Woo-hoo! And if you want to give me something--and I know you do--you could become a "Follower" of my blog(s). Can't find the cool little graphic on the side? You can use this link to follow this blog.


Nice. Just tackled two topics in one. Sneaky, sneaky.

I guess I'll shelve the other topics for tomorrow--if I need them--and will simply mention the third topic: My latest article is posted over at Heart of the Matter Online. This one was the hardest for me to write yet. I wrote four drafts before I had something. It wasn't pretty, and I don't even know if I'm communicating clearly and well. But I am really, really passionate about this topic.

So, I'll wait and see how the comments turn out (I haven't had a "You ROCK, Luke!" yet... sad times) and I'll see about perhaps clarifying or expanding the article here.

But for now, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my article, and would be thrilled if you gave the new Follower feature on Blogger a try with my blog(s).

Good enough.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father


mary grace said...

You ROCK, Luke!!!

Happy birthday! :-)

(and hey, I just figured out the follower thing this a.m., too!)

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

Of course you rock, Luke! And I'll even follow you... 'cause I know you're following me around lurking on "my" forums. Ha!

Amy said...

You know I think you rock, as do all your articles! Happy Birthday. When you turn 30 we will throw you a big cyber party.

Tammy said...

Happy birthday, Luke!

I'm enjoying your youth and perspective over at HOTM and want to encourage you to keep on sharing what's on your heart and mind!

Blessings from one of the HOTM writers who is no doubt old enough to be your mother! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are not displayed here.

Amico Dio said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have an awesome day today!!

Julie said...

Luke, Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to yo! Happy birthday, dear Looo-oooke! Happy birthday to you! WOo Hoo! Tell your mom thanks, would ya? : ) Being a mom myself...I always thought the mom should get the presents for all that work! HA!! Oh--You totally rock! Cool article!!!

Rachel Harris said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! As I have told you so many times, I am so glad you joined us at HOTM! I love your perspective and your writing style.

I think I totally spaced on commenting yesterday BUT I did forward it to my husband who loved it as well! We are in the midst of the debt snowball and are really close to the finish line, minus the mortgage and student loans that is, but we plan on redoing our budget in March once the rest is paid off. . . thanks to your article, we are really thinking of adding in a "Party Tithe!"
Thanks for giving me something to look forward to until we get there :-)

Oh. . . and. . . YOU ROCK!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday, friend! Thanks for humoring me with lengthy emails about my crazy theological ramblings.

(So, did the Wii come out of the party tithe? LOL! Kevin wants us to get one of those...."for the kids," of course.)

Luke Holzmann said...

I can't adequately express how much your warm comments mean to me. Can't express it.

Thank you all so much!

Fair is fair, if you add the Follow feature on your blog, let me know. I'd be honored to Follow you too (I've followed the few of you I could find).

Amy: Thanks so much for the Happy Birthday post. It was an unexpected joy.

And, yes, our Wii came out of our Party Tithe. I strongly urge you all to give it a try. It has been unbelievably freeing for me.

Thank you all again for your kind words. Love you all!


Jill in Kentucky said...

Happy Birthday Luke! Really, truly, have a great day and I pray that this next year will be a great one for you and that you can bring your kids home before your next birthday.

Luke Holzmann said...

<smile> Thanks, Jill!



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