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Monday, August 18, 2008

Gun-Toting Teachers

It is now legal for approved teachers in Texas to carry guns to school. Depending on who you read on the topic, this is everything from a fantastic move to a really dumb idea.


Well, first, most homeschoolers won't have to worry about this that much. But, if any of your kids end up in a public high school (like I did), then this will become a very real issue. And, as educators ourselves, we should all consider the ramifications of such a law.

Second, I have long held to the idea that many restriction laws only hurt honest folk. That's why I am personally against things like DRM while still fully supporting the rights of content creators to get paid for what they do. Making something illegal means that only lawbreakers will have it, and if that is a gun then we are defenseless.

But I also ascribe to the idea that "locks are in place to keep honest men honest," so while anyone could easily break into my house if they wanted to, someone has to choose to do so because my door is locked. If we encouraged/allowed everyone to openly wield a gun, I think we'd just be "leaving our doors open" to violence, so to speak.

The danger of everyone openly "packing heat" was pretty well demonstrated in a film I recently watched. If everyone can just pick up a gun and start shooting, people start shooting often.

We need balance (imagine that).

Crime rates drop, to my understanding, wherever responsible people are allowed to carry firearms. But wherever everyone (including children) openly brandish weapons, violence is rampant. So weapons must not be sitting around on teacher's desks (as some people warn will happen), but I don't see anything wrong with adding another line of defense for our school going children.

This reminds me of a story my dad told me from his school days...

His class was studying communism and the teacher had to step out of the classroom for a moment. My dad, always passionate about learning, started to lead the class in a revolt of the "oppressive" classroom. When the teacher returned, my dad was standing on a desk and leading the class in a chant of, "Down with the evil oppressors!" or something like that.

The teacher tried to regain order, but this only drove the freedom fighters into more of a frenzy.

The little old lady then walked behind her desk, pulled a handgun from her drawer, pointed it at my dad and told him to sit down.

He sat.

Nothing like an object lesson to teach about tyranny and martial law, eh? <smile>

Is my dad horribly scarred from that experience? I don't think so. In fact, in college, my swimming coach expressed his disbelief at modern laws. "We used to go shoot frogs in the creek with our guns after class," he mused. "How times have changed."

Interesting stuff. I wasn't even allowed to have a pocket knife on campus that was longer than 4".

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father


Hall Monitor said...

This story made! It's the leader for crazy headlines like this from our schools.

Carolyn T said...

ODDLY OFF TOPIC....You commented on my blog today and I have never been on yours. so I decided to take a look-see....I have been in prayer again about WHAT curriculum to use now with my all of our bizarre circumstances....this has to be the 25th arrow pointing to Sonlight...I have the old "Major Non-Western Cultures" curriculum collecting dust......WITH all of the books....Coincidence??? I think NOT!!In all of the heavy topics in my world at this moment...God has taken my curriculum prayer VERY seriously....and threw YOU right in the mix!! Thank you, messenger blogger friend!
ALL for ONE!!

Anonymous said...

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Luke Holzmann said...

I visited and read the comments. Interesting stuff.

And Carolyn, I am so glad that I was able to be part of an answer to your prayer. May your choice for curriculum serve you well, and may this be the best year yet!

And, yes Kelsey, this is rather CRAZY, but somehow not at the same time. ...

Thanks everyone for commenting. I love hearing for all of you.


Nicholas said...

Overall, a good blog post.

However, please don't get sucked into the liberal media hype. In Texas, it is illegal for concealed carry permit holders to even carry openly (class A misdemeanor), much LESS to set any firearm on a desk, or within reach of children.

Those who have gone through the process of training, and paying their $175 (plus class costs of c. $150), law abiding citizens, are probably the people I would trust the MOST to stand between my children and law breakers of evil intent.

As for the City of God reference, Rio de Janeiro exploded into the violence of the 70's-80's, precisely through a general lack of law-abiding armed citizens, not because of them. As demonstrated in the movie, gangsters, law breakers, and thieves will find the tools of their trade one way or another (in that case, through illegal arms trade with Uruguay).

Thanks for your thoughtful post.

Luke Holzmann said...


Thanks for commenting! Fear not, I won't get sucked into the hype <smile>. I don't think teachers will leave guns sitting around, and find such arguments far too sensationalistic to merit much respect. Allowing people to carry guns does not mean that they should be left laying around.

I agree that if more law-abiding people had possessed arms children would not have been running around with guns themselves holding up vehicles.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and more historical background. I appreciate it.



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